I offer a wide range of diagnostic & repair services. All services are performed at my personal residence near Knightstown, Indiana. You may either drop off your equipment, or I can pick up/drop off your equipment for an extra fee. The list below is not a comprehensive list, please ask if you are interested in something not listed below.

Please contact me for an estimate!

Desktop & Laptop Computers

  • Hardware Diagnostics - Computer won't boot up? Getting system crashes? Think you have a virus? You can be assured that I strive for thorough yet speedy diagnostic. I have the knowledge and tools necessary to troubleshoot your hardware!
  • Software Diagnostics - Many Windows operating system issues can be resolved without formatting your hard drive! However depending on the severity of the issue, it may be more cost effective and time efficient to do so. While problems with specific applications can be hard to pin-down, most issues can be resolved.
  • Virus/Spyware Removal - In many scenarios, the malicious code can be disabled and removed from your laptop or desktop PC! You can rest easy knowing that I can resolve virus or spyware infections and restore your system to get you going again! In some cases it may be more cost effective to back up your data, format the hard drive and reload Windows rather than spending hours manually removing certain types of spyware. I will offer the best, most cost effective solution to you!
  • Hardware Repair/Replacement - In most cases a failed component such as a power supply or motherboard will require replacement or upgrade once I identify it. While I can't directly sell you replacement hardware (I am not a hardware retailer or vendor), I can and will research and recommend to you the replacement part! I can even buy it for you on your behalf, under your name, and you can reimburse me when you pay for your services.
  • Laptop Screen Replacement - If your laptop screen is cracked or no longer working, it can often be replaced at a very reasonable cost. The cost varies by make & model. Please send me the make & model of your laptop for an exact quote.
  • Basic Data Recovery - I offer basic data recovery services for laptop, desktop or external hard drives. We can extract your hard drive from your desktop, laptop or external enclosure and attempt to recover data such as pictures, videos, documents and more. There are 2 basic types of data recovery that I offer, the first is for "crashed" computer systems. If your PC won't boot because of software corruption or a failed component other than the hard drive there is a very good chance of recovery. If the hard drive is having physical trouble, I may not be able to recover data from it and you may need to find a data recovery specialist. The 2nd type is accidental file deletion recovery. If you delete something that you want back it is extremely important to turn off your computer immediately! The more your computer writes to the hard drive (the longer it is on) the lower your chance of recovering the data becomes. We of course cannot guarantee data recovery, but it is almost always worth attempting.

Mobile Devices (Phones & Tablets)

  • Android Phones & Tablets - Depending on the make & model of your device, I may be able to repair your broken screen or replace the battery in your device with a new battery! Service availability and cost varies by make, model & issue. Repairs are not available for all devices.
  • iPhones & iPads - Depending on the model of your device, I may be able to repair your Apple product's broken screen or replace the battery in your device! Please note that with repairs on Apple devices, such as screen repairs by non-Apple entities, some functionality such as Touch ID / fingerprint ID (and therefore ApplePay) may be disabled by Apple after a non-Apple repair.